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Celebrating Women in Digital and Tech: Lisa Eaton, Founder and Managing Director of Unwritten Group

Continuing on with our International Women's Day campaign throughout the month of March, we are pleased to share this feature, written by Lisa Eaton, Founder and Managing Director of the Unwritten Group!

“Lisa Eaton is founder and managing director of award-winning communications agency, Unwritten Group, established in 2014. With over two decades experience in the creative sector, Lisa’s role involves delivering stakeholder engagement, leading creative campaigns for prominent UK brands and building integrated marketing strategies for a wide range of organisations such as Sage, Northumbrian Water, Newcastle Airport, NHS and Gateshead Council.

An excellent communicator and strategic thinker, Lisa oversees the direction of the business, is responsible for growth and diversifying the offer in response to market demand. A strong business leader, with a robust understanding of both the public, private and third sector, Lisa is both driven and commercially focused.

Lisa is an advocate for wellbeing in the workplace and mentor to young women through The Girls Network, as well as Mum to two little boys.”


1. In your opinion, what are some of the biggest challenges women who want to explore a career path in tech and digital face?

The barriers ultimately come down to lack of representation. I’ve worked for almost two decades in the creative industry and I’m sad to say that women are still hugely under-represented. There has been little progress to shift the perception of the tech and digital industry being a male-dominated sector. This could be attributed to a lack of female role models and lack of women leadership in the industry.

2. What do you think needs to be done to attract more women to work in tech and digital?

It’s the role of Digital Union, and other leading voices in region, to inspire the next generation of women to explore careers in tech. Those working in the industry, ourselves included, should speak out for and champion those women breaking down the barriers. We need to tell their stories of success and share their journeys. There is also work to be done to change the perception that this is a male-dominated industry and that there won’t be equal opportunities for woman. We need to continue to tackle the gender leadership gap.

3. What would your message be to women and girls looking to pursue a career in tech and digital?

This is a fascinating and brilliant industry to be involved in. There are no limits to where you can take your career in the tech and digital sector and it’s crying out for more exceptional woman – so go for it!

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