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Charity Focus: Shanti Bee

Continuing on with our monthly Charity Focus, we are pleased to welcome Rosie from Shanti Bee, a registered C.I.C. & community well-being space in Byker, who will tell us a bit about what the charity does and what they need from the digital and tech community!

Shanti Bee are looking for assistance with Digital Marketing, CRM and an automated booking system.

Shanti Bee is a Community Interest Company, based at the Byker Community Centre. They provide yoga and holistic therapies to local residents and have been building their reputation as a company with a strong focus on providing wellbeing activities that are accessible and don’t have a big cost barrier.

They also host the “Friends of Shanti Bee” scheme which is a “community scheme for organisations, groups and individuals, to raise awareness of both the physical and mental health benefits of Complementary and Alternative Health and reach more isolated or vulnerable communities.”

They offer discounted therapies and yoga classes to the Friends of Shanti Bee, helping to ensure that therapies can be accessed by all and that cost isn’t a barrier. Examples of organisations that have benefited from the scheme include: Chilli Studios, Tyneside Women’s Health, Age UK and Building Futures East.

Shanti Bee are looking for help and advice with how to automate the process of recording customer records, advice on how to run a digital marketing campaign and how best to manage their data.




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