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Digital Union Manifesto: Have Your Say at Our Open Space Event

This Thursday (7th Feb), we are holding our annual Open Space event at the Northern Design Centre, where members and non-members alike can have their say on all the key issues affecting you as an individual business and the wider North East sectors.


It’s been nearly a year since Digital Union made our 2018 Manifesto pledges, and while we have been busy working on fulfilling these objectives, it’s time to refresh them!

In order to do so, we need your input. We had over 100 members present at our Open Space event last year, which made both the event and the Manifesto itself a meaningful and ambitious document. We want to keep this momentum going and this is a great chance for you all to let us know how we can continue supporting the growth of the sector.

Some of our latest Manifesto initiatives that we have been working on include the #NEquality Diversity Charter, which you can download and print here, and our Code of Conduct for events. We recently published our thoughts on diversity in the workplace and what we believe to be the solution, which you can read here.

As a representative body, we have found that the best way of encouraging discussion is holding this event, allowing us to work on policies, campaigns and initiatives that will make us stronger both individually and as a whole.

We want to know what you think Digital Union should be focusing on in the coming year. We have a dedicated Digital Union Manifesto task group who have identified the following areas for discussion:

  • Support programmes
  • Space / Infrastructure / Community hubs
  • Talent attraction
  • Skills development
  • Access to finance and funding
  • Raising the profile of the region/sector

As an introduction to the event, we will provide an overview on our progress with last year’s Manifesto initiatives and the exciting projects we have been working on.

We look forward to seeing you there! Sign up for free here.


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