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Dynamo Offers Automation Bootcamp

REGIONAL tech network Dynamo is hosting a bootcamp for businesses to explore if and when to move towards automation.

The bootcamp will incorporate four sessions over three months, starting on December 3.

Laura Kemp, Cluster Engagement Manager with Dynamo, explained: “Our Design Thinking Automation Bootcamp is aimed at helping firms and organisations understand how and when to automate effectively.

“It can be difficult knowing where to start with automation; which process do you begin with? Should everything be automated? Our bootcamp will hopefully give you the answers to these questions and help you to recognise your individual process problems, identify where automation can be effective and create process workflows. It will also help firms understand what data to include in a business case for internal investment and how to evaluate the outcomes.”

IT and business consultancy firm CGI and professional services company Accenture will guide participants through the design thinking methodology of problem discovery, build, measure and learn.

The core sessions will be:

· Thursday, December 3 (9-10am) Participant briefing:

An introduction to the design thinking process, what to expect and how to prepare.

· Thursday, December 10 (9am-12:30pm) Problem Discovery Workshop:

The workshop will identify the pain points, challenges and frustrations experienced, and work to identify the root cause underlying these.

· Thursday, January 28 (9am-12.30pm) Ideation Discovery Workshop:

Following session one, participants will shortlist one or two key challenges from within a business. Session two will provide an opportunity for the businesses to review the pain points and root causes identified, and determine the ideal type of solutions that would be best suited to resolve the issue.

· Thursday, February 25 (9am-12.30pm) Review and building a business case:

This session will review everything planned so far, with guidance from automation experts on testing and adjusting prototype solutions so they’re ready to take forward and implement.

Laura added: “We’ve had interest from a range of business sizes and operations and are particularly keen to receive applications from SMEs within the NE LEP area – although we’re not excluding medium or larger organisations.

“It is important attendees are able to articulate a range of challenges, and they understand them in detail. Participants will be given work to complete in between each sessions and a mentor to help them along the way.

“This process can be applied successfully to a range of areas, but in this case we’re focusing purely on automation.”

Mark Thompson, Director Consulting Services, for CGI in the North of the UK, said: “Events such as this provide an excellent forum for organisations to collaborate together, learn and build knowledge. CGI is looking forward to the programme and the chance to be a part of the further development of automation expertise in the North East.”

Jo McGovern, UK ATC and Tech Regional Operations Lead for Accenture, said: “Automation is here and is real, businesses across all industries are faced with the concept of automation and how this will change and impact their day to day operation and organisational structures.

“Accenture are delighted to be partnering with Dynamo to provide an opportunity for businesses across the region to come together to really understand their challenges, recognise the need for change and outline the steps needed to embrace automation. The Automation boot camp proposal is a fantastic journey to be part of and Accenture are looking forward to working with everyone throughout the process!”

Applications for the boot camp must be in by November 20, and successful applicants will be notified no later than November 25. For more information, go to the Dynamo website – or email Laura on

Dynamo North East is a business-led organisation with the core mission of ‘Growing the north east tech economy through collaboration, innovation, skills and noise.’ With more than 160 members, it is made up of IT organisations, large corporate employers in the region, consultants, technology hubs, education providers, local government and suppliers to the industry.

Dynamo is part funded by the ERDF as part of the Catalysing Innovation in North East Clusters project, delivered by the Innovation SuperNetwork.

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