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Global Startup Event Comes to Newcastle & Gateshead

DU Member Richard F Duncan of Structured Start is bringing an exciting project to Newcastle and Gateshead in May this year...

Startup Safari comes to Newcastle & Gateshead from 21-23 May 2019 where startups, corporations, co-working spaces, universities / colleges and accelerators will open their doors and host tech talks, creative interactive workshops, job fairs, exhibitions, investor BBQs and many other types of events.

The intention is to give like-minded people the chance to take a deep dive into their local startup scene, find future employers or employees, create meaningful connections and discover potential innovation partners.

The whole idea of the Startup Safari has proven to work well for local businesses across other global startup hubs like Cologne, Amsterdam, Berlin, Miami, Budapest, the list goes on to 30+ cities across 25 countries, but more specifically, builds on the unique character of each city’s ecosystem whether that’s Virtual Reality or Manufacturing specialities.

“I first came across Startup SAFARI when I went to the event in Cologne. Startup SAFARI has an ethic that resonated with me, connecting the local to the local to the global, a social enterprise of people, community and businesses with the same values.

This was my interpretation, not theirs, I hope they’re happy with it!

I am very happy to bring Startup SAFARI to Newcastle / Gateshead. This is the area I grew up in and still call home even though I live in Cologne.” says Richard F Duncan of Structured Start.

Twitter: @startupsafaring


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