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Halloween Marketing Can Be Scarily Good for Your Brand

By Digital Union Member, Three Motion

Halloween is fast approaching and now is the perfect opportunity for you to have some fun with your brand.

You’re probably thinking “What’s the point, it’s just Halloween, will this have a real impact or lead to an ROI?” or “I don’t want to harm our reputable brand”.

Well, it goes without saying that Halloween is the holiday that allows businesses to ‘let their hair down’ and have some fun with their brand and still keep their dignity intact.

In fact there are a number of marketing activities you can deploy across your platforms, each enabling you to engage with audiences, whilst also enjoying the returns on your time and creativity… definitely more ‘treat’ than ‘trick’.

Here are some ideas for a memorable Halloween this year and next:


Here at Three Motion we strongly believe in the power of using video to drive returns for your business (obviously). Content doesn’t have to be intensive either, it can be as little as a themed GIF to recognise the holiday, which certainly can generate a positive interaction with your audience.

Internal Video

In most cases, a special holiday event calls for a fun-packed, light-hearted video, treating your audience to a behind-the-scenes look at your organisation. In some way, it humanises your brand and helps audiences relate to your key messages. Such videos are often ‘liked’ or ‘shared’, and while view counts aren’t critical in the greater scheme of converting leads to customers, getting your name out there and driving exposure will always help!

Personalise your Platforms

Why not get into the holiday spirit by adapting a new cover photo, background and colour theme to run throughout your social platforms. You can even go a little further and update your profile photo with a twist on your usual picture (Sainsbury’s came up with a clever addition of a witch on a broomstick for their holiday season promotion).

We are currently in the process of creating some ghoulish graphics to personalise our own social platforms, so keep an eye out around Halloween time.

Add Halloween Elements to your Internal Marketing Material

Halloween is an excellent opportunity to grab the attention of potential new customers, as well as encourage repeat business from your existing client base.

One way to create a buzz around your product or service is to present your regular marketing collateral (Blogs, Newsletter, E-flyer etc.) in a different light. Compose a ‘Halloween design’ and use the occasion to draw attention to something. Keep it fun and interesting and create a talking point!

Have Fun with Hashtags

When it comes to promoting your #Halloween marketing campaigns, don’t forget the power of hashtags. For example, you could even create a dedicated hashtag for customers to share their creations or show off how they use your products on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Likewise, see what hashtags are trending on Twitter and implement these into your posts.

So whatever you decide to implement this October, let your hair down a little and be creative. You might even surprise yourself!

Halloween is an excellent opportunity to grab the attention of potential new customers, as well as encourage repeat business from your existing client base

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