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How to Motivate Staff in the Workforce

Digital Union member Oculus HR share their tips for motivating your staff and maintaining a happy workforce, which, undoubtedly, plays a huge part in the success of your business.


Productivity naturally suffers when your employees lack motivation, so it’s important to keep moral and motivation high. However, maintaining high levels of motivation in the workplace can often be challenging.

So what can you do to Motivate Staff In The Workplace?

The good news is, there are lots of ways to keep your staff motivated day in and day out by incorporating some simple techniques into your management approach.

Reward and Recognition

In any working environment, your staff should feel valued. By recognising and rewarding hard work, you will instantly encourage and motivate your employees to work harder.

Reward and recognition schemes have also been proven to have a huge impact on staff morale.

Create a positive working environment

Negative emotions in the workplace can have a huge impact on productivity and morale. Research has proven that this can affect your employees’ motivation to excel in their roles, as well as their success. After all, a happy workforce is likely to give far more than a workforce that is surrounded by negativity.

So consider how you can make your working environment as positive, supportive, and comfortable as possible. This might mean renovating your office, creating break out areas, offering perks such as free tea and coffee, or letting employees dress more casually.

Regular breaks

If your workforce is burned out, it will be difficult for them to remain motivated.

With this in mind, you should always encourage your employees to take regular breaks to refresh their minds, recharge, and refuel. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee through to getting some fresh air, breaks should be taken throughout the day.

Be transparent

Transparency is important in any workplace environment and, by creating an atmosphere of trust, you will notice an instant improvement in motivation.

Bad management is one of the top reasons that employees lose motivation and stop performing. A workforce that trusts, respects, and values you, on the other hand, will take pride in their work and strive to perform to the highest possible standard. So ensure you are honest, transparent, and supportive, and give your team the respect you expect from them.

A change of scenery

Sometimes a change of scenery can do wonders for boosting motivation in the workplace. Even small changes such as holding meetings outside on a sunny day if you have the facilities to do so, or even grabbing a quick coffee during a morning catch up, can have a huge impact on mood and motivation.

Promote mindfulness

Promoting and practicing mindfulness in the workplace can change perspectives. It can also instil a motivational mind-set that will counteract any negative thoughts.

Set Goals

Goal setting is a great way to provide your staff with the motivation they need to fulfil their potential in the workplace. These goals should be clear and concise and, of course, attainable.

Make sure you reward your employees when they achieve their goals.

Train your employees

If employees don’t truly understand how to perform their job well, this can have a significant impact on their motivation.  That’s where effective employee training comes in, helping new and existing employees to perform well within their role. It can also help employees progress within the organisation, and feel motivated to succeed.

Have fun!

Finally, remember to always find time for fun at work! If your employees feel like every day is a hard slog, it’s only natural that they will feel demoralised and demotivated.

To find out more about motivating your team to achieve the best possible results, contact us today.

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