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The Last Druid comes first, thanks to Everything Different!



Everything Different has helped first time author Glen Hall, hit the top of the book charts in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada with his debut fantasy novel trilogy, ‘The Last Druid’.   Glen Hall became the only indie author to break the top 100 with the first book in the series, The Fall.

Glen asked Newcastle based creative marketing group, Everything Different to help make the most of social media channels to promote the book and raise funds for Cash for Kids, the charity which will receive proceeds from the sales.

An innovative digital social media video and on-line fan network campaign has helped Glen build on his strong Facebook following and expand into other channels including Twitter, build engagement and manage the release of his first novel both before and after launch.  The campaign focused on building relationships with followers and tapping into existing fan networks within the sci-fi and fantasy communities.  Everything Different provided know-how for the first time author to connect with influencers to maximum effect.

Alongside this work, Everything Different developed branding for the trilogy. This included a visual identity for the trilogy, the book cover and two animations for the launch: a 20-second teaser campaign and a 1.5-minute full trailer for the launch.

The animations brought viewers into the world of the book, built a strong, visual style and ensured the story was told in the most high engagement medium of video.

‘The Last Druid trilogy launch was a real labour of love.  A fantastic story and a fantastic brief to work on. Helping author Glen Hall to break the top of charts as the only indie in the top 100 is a very special achievement.   His success has helped Cash for Kids too.’ said Mell Black, Social Content Specialist, Everything Different.

The campaign has been a massive success, propelling the first book in the trilogy to the top of the book charts.  The campaign increased Twitter followers in just two weeks by 512%.  Facebook interactions also increased with the book cover receiving  12,000 likes, more than 2,000 shares and more than 450 positive comments. The animations performed very well, the teaser trailer was viewed 360,000 times and the main trailer had 443,000 views providing the perfect springboard for sales success.

The Fall has reached  the number one spot in the Amazon young adult fantasy charts in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Quote from Glen Hall,

“Everything Different used their knowledge and experience to help me reach a wider audience for the Trilogy.  The animations brought the book to life and encouraged people in to experience the world of the Last Druid.    I’m delighted by the results and am hopeful that the two remaining books will be as well received.”

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