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Let’s Put Newcastle / the North East on the European Startup Heatmap!

From Paul Lancaster of Plan Digital/Newcastle Startup Week: The Startup Heatmap Europe Survey 2019 is now live & we’d REALLY like you all to take part!

This is the 4th annual European wide survey on founders’ favorite startup hubs & mobility patterns & after politely (but firmly) voicing my frustration that you couldn’t even choose Newcastle from their dropdown menu in previous years (via email & phone call), I’m delighted to see that the research team have listened & included it as an option this year!

(Special thanks to Natalie Novick for taking notice, visiting Newcastle to speak at our Founders’ Friday event in November 2018 & giving Newcastle Startup Week a mention in her ‘Seed the Future’ report for Stripe, TechStars & which was launched at Lisbon Web Summit 2018 too).

Why is this important?

This is very important because politicians, policymakers, investors, startup founders & jobseekers read this report & base their decisions on its’ findings. So, if Newcastle / the North East isn’t even an option for people to choose, it looks as though nothing ever happens here & we can never hope to compete as a global startup hub.

Unfortunately they’ve put the map marker for Newcastle in the Midlands but at least it’s on there as an option so please take the survey below & choose Newcastle for Question 3:

“If you were going to start a company in Europe tomorrow, where would you like to do it?

Take the European Startup Heatmap Survey

Take the survey.

(The only other options for the UK & Ireland are Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bradfield, Wakefield, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Leicester, Birmingham, Coventry, Cardiff, Bristol, London, Belfast & Dublin so let’s give Newcastle lots of votes so it has a higher chance of being featured in the final report)!

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