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Major win for W North: award-winning agency’s new regional hub retained to paint the future for Reeves and Snazaroo

Two brands from the Colart Group, Reeves and Snazaroo, have appointed W North as their retained agency – a landmark win for W’s second UK office, which was officially launched in Newcastle this summer.

Reeves is an iconic British arts brand with 250 years of experience of educating and inspiring artists worldwide. W North has been appointed to drive an ambitious new brand campaign for the company – supporting its refreshed, contemporary identity aimed at inspiring creative individuals of all ability levels.

Reeves’ mission is to provide the artistic tools to spread creativity to new audiences. It is to be supported by W North through a series of events in Manchester, Dublin, and London, as well as ongoing engagement with key trade media and consumer media designed to show Reeves’ evolution from heritage marque to a forward-thinking lifestyle brand.

Alongside the Reeves campaign, W North will also be working to position Snazaroo as the leading choice for quality face paint – especially among “millennial mums”. The agency will leverage its relationships with creative influencers at key cultural events, to encourage both parents and children alike to embrace their imagination.

Christian Cerisola, Head of W North, said: “This is an exciting time in these two brands’ history. Reeves’ ambition – to democratise creativity and reach a larger audience of creatively-minded consumers –  has really energised our growing team. We are looking forward to telling Reeves and Snazaroo’s stories across a diverse range of media.”

Steph Eldred, UK Marketing Manager for Reeves and Snazaroo, said: “We are very much looking forward to working with W to tell our story about what ‘creativity’ means to the consumer. Reeves and Snazaroo have always been brands at the forefront of enabling self-expression, and we are pleased to work with W to communicate this theme of creativity across multiple markets.”

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