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New NBS Feature Brings Specifiers and Contractors Closer Together

NBS has launched an innovative new feature which enables users of it new Chorus specification platform to instantly export a list of submittals from a specification in one click and import them directly into leading Common Data Environments (CDEs)

Submittals are an essential part of the construction process, effectively comprising a list of tasks which the contractor must deliver. But problems can often occur in project delivery when submittals are completed incorrectly or with poor information.

NBS Chorus was launched earlier this year as a fully cloud-based specification platform for construction. The latest feature release effectively brings the specifier closer to the contractor, enabling them to generate their submittals directly from the specification, and ensuring they are based on the same information set.

By integrating CDE software with NBS Chorus, users will be saved from manually copying or re-keying information, greatly reducing the chance of human error and driving the accuracy of data.

NBS has developed partnerships with industry leading CDE companies including Autodesk, Viewpoint and Newforma to provide customers with enhanced value and smarter specifications. CDEs are cloud-based extranets that host project information, often used by contractors.

Innovation Director Dr Stephen Hamil commented…

“The industry is demanding coordinated datasets prior to construction and then prior to occupation. There is also a demand to be able to check the thread of information between these gateways. By exporting the submittals from technical specifications prior to construction and then tracking, checking and recording these as the building is being built within the common data environment we are delivering against these industry demands.

At NBS we are delighted to be working with some of the biggest names in the construction software industry to satisfy our customer needs.”

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