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Could this Newcastle software firm’s new app solve your bookkeeping nightmares for good?

Could this Newcastle software firm’s new app solve your bookkeeping nightmares for good?

Development studio Powerhouse Software has launched an app which aims to change the way bookkeepers and accountants interact with their small business clients.

Available exclusively on the App Store, the ‘ins+outs’ app has been designed to easily track income and expenditure, giving users a glance of their business profit and loss at any time via iPhone.

Launched in 2015, the Newcastle-headquartered firm says it has made its mission to help small businesses overcome everyday workplace obstacles, through the application of efficient and effective software solutions.

The company’s research into its latest innovation found that keeping an eye on business income and expenditure can be a headache, and for some; a complicated task that repeatedly prevents small businesses focusing on what they do best.

When asked about the reason behind the app, Creative Lead – David Todd, explained: “Many bookkeeping solutions claim to help smaller businesses, but more often than not, companies are priced out with some basic plans starting at over £20 a month. We’ve designed the app especially for the micro-businesses, sole traders, clubs and associations.

“When it comes to tracking their expenses, saving receipts or logging payments they need a quick and easy solution, not an over-complicated and expensive accountancy software package.”

He added: “Our app makes it simple; you make money, you add the income, you spend money, you add the expense.

“You see a rolling total cash flow in real time and assign each transaction to the categories they need to be grouped in, as you go. Then when your accountant needs to see it, you can export and send it straight to them in a format they can use.”

Dan Smith, Marketing Manager, commented: “Many small business owners don’t want the added cost of opening a business bank account. Our new app keeps business financials separate from personal current account data.”

“The app allows small business owners to easily keep track of their income and expenditure, whilst allowing them to focus on growing their business.”

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