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North East Announce Strategic Partnership With Discover The World

North East are proud to announce a strategic partnership with Discover the World. Together we will be exploring smart contract and blockchain integration with the aim of creating efficiencies and automated processes within the tourism industry, with a special focus on Iceland.

Dan Stacey, a Director at Discover the World explains: “Whilst it is still early days for this technology, there is evidence to suggest that as advances continue to be made and blockchain becomes more widely implemented, this will lead to further practical use cases. Currently we are looking longer term, rather than for immediate quick wins. For the vast majority of organisations, especially small to medium enterprises, they cannot justify working through the implementation process, especially if there are only a small number of partner organisations involved. Hence, the objective here is to support North East and encourage the development of an ecosystem, using blockchain technology. This is about better connecting partnering businesses, leading to greater efficiencies and ultimately an improved, better value for money service for Iceland’s tourists.

Iceland is now focusing heavily on interconnectivity and are aiming to become a leader in blockchain innovation and adoption. As a market leader to Iceland, we at Discover the World are well positioned to work with North East and assist with such developments within the tourism industry. “

At North East we believe that smart contract utilisation and blockchain integration will eventually lead to better business practises and significant cost savings. Once future proof of concepts are established, it is hoped that many businesses within in the Icelandic tourism industry will see the added value. North East and Discover the World believe that Iceland has an appetite and is well positioned for the introduction of this ground-breaking technology.”

Charles Holmes Managing Director of North East states: “Discover the World’s customers, suppliers and partners could benefit greatly from secure and reliable smart contract agreements with guaranteed outcomes. North East will assist Discover the World to reduce risk when interacting with external business data to streamline internal processes.”

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