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Redundancy to Success with Business Central

Local entrepreneur Adam Walker has launched Hubspoke Marketing Ltd, providing a range of marketing services to small businesses throughout the UK from his office at Business Central Darlington.

In August 2016 after public spending cutbacks hit the sports and leisure industry it proved to be a turning point for Adam.  Facing redundancy from his role as a sports development officer, Adam was left with one of life’s biggest challenges, how to keep his family afloat.

With this in mind Adam took a part-time position with PWLC Projects in a marketing role, taking a lead on the Modeshift STARS project, a national initiative which focused on encouraging more children to walk to school.

While setting up the project Adam and his colleague Nick Butler, took advantage of Business Central’s shared workspace – Open Space.  This not only proved to be the perfect location for the Modeshift STARS project, but also the perfect environment to network and make new contacts, which meant that Adam was able to pick up extra projects from other clients within the centre to supplement his part-time contract.

Ultimately it was his time spent with the business community in Open Space that planted the seed from which Hubspoke Marketing grew.

Towards the end of 2018, Adam found he had more time on his hands to concentrate on his own business, this allowed him to further develop his business offer. This led to him securing a marketing and business development contract with Modeshift, the UK’s leading sustainable travel organisation.

Adam has also been able to secure projects through the contacts he’s made including the other businesses based within the centre and even Business Central itself.

Adam comments:

“The skills I gained while working for alongside a number of start-ups in open space, gave me the confidence to further pursue and develop my own venture in Hubspoke Marketing Ltd. Open Space helped me learn the basics of how to work for yourself and grow a business.”

Adam attributes being able to start his business without the usual stresses associated with a new start-up largely to being based at Business Central.  Adam added:

“There are constant opportunities for networking, and you see a lot of business integration here. It is a great place from which to grow, and dare I say it, it’s a vibrant and fun business community, there’s always something going on.”

Business Central’s Centre Manager, Vanessa Wood, said:

“Adam has survived losing his job, and part-time employment, to start his own business proving that redundancy doesn’t have to be a negative!

“Our Open Space facility is a professional environment which is designed to inspire businesses to network and collaborate.  It’s pleasing to see that Adam has benefitted from working alongside people that have encouraged him on his business start-up journey.”

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