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Stay Positive!

So, how's 2020 working out for you?! Pretty sure none of us could have imagined the turn of events when we were making our resolutions 11 weeks ago. Having been around for a long time I must admit I've seen nothing like this before. We can debate the issues of how it came to be, the media's apparent joy at having a meaty story in these post BREXIT days [that seems a long time ago now!!] but here we are.

A new blog post from DU Member Digital Business Coach.

The “experts” say it will get worse before it starts to get better. As usual. So what can we do?

I met a good friend this morning and he be-moaned the fact that meetings and events were being cancelled and that video conferencing is a poor substitute for face to face meetings. We shook hands as we were parting raising a gasp of horror from the watching [nothing else to do] hotel staff!

My late mum always knew what to say when times were tough. “Count your blessings” was usually top of the list. I know toilet rolls are becoming an issue [???] but when we have food in the fridge, water from the tap, light and heat at the press of a button and a roof over our heads when we sleep, we are doing better than most.

Maintaining a positive attitude is key, in particular when talking to those more influenced by the media in our families and communities. This virus will pass. There will be others. History is replete with episodes but in 2020 our scientists have never been better prepared to fight whatever comes along.

My most recent post talked about the real virus – the impact on our economy, all economies. Stock markets tanking, travel companies and airlines facing potential armageddon. The food and drink industry coping with the financial implications of self isolating. I spoke to the hotel manager this morning and he told me the bar was dead last night but room service staff were run off their feet.

As business owners we need money; we need paying on time so we can pay our bills. Supply chains need to remain intact – any interruption will make it very difficult for us to continue. How many of us can afford to either self isolate ourselves and/or send staff home?

I am heartened by offers of help on social media to those in need. I extend such an offer. Not one for commercial gain but because – and to quote a former, less sincere politician – we really are in this together. If we all help each other now and in the coming days, how much better will our world be when this is over?

Reach out if you would like to discuss your concerns. I may be able to help. I may not. But I like coffee and hate video conferencing, I promise to confirm my state of health prior to any get together! I will wash my hands thoroughly.

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