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Tyneside Agency Unveils Video Teaser For Region’s First ‘UnlikeNEwhere’

After a successful pilot campaign last year featuring the likes of Pink Boutique, Noveltea and Zerolight, the founders of the 'UnlikeNEwhere' campaign have unveiled their first official teaser video and laid down plans for the launch of the forthcoming regionwide campaign.

Created by the Tyneside-based Three Motion Media and officially backed by lead partners NGI, UnlikeNEwhere will launch in late October and will shine an alternative light on life in the North East in a bid to drive and inspire inward investment.

The professional video hub will be made available for free for the region’s businesses to share and use for their own marketing efforts and today Three Motion Media has unveiled its first teaser – ‘Tynemouth Outdoor Swimmers’ – in the lead-up to launch.

Neil Wood-Mitchell, Three Motion Media and UnlikeNEwhere creative director, explains: “It’s the people and their stories that make our region unlikeNEwhere and we want to capture them all. One story at a time.

“Tynemouth legend knows of a group of cold-water swimmers who brave the icy waters of the North Sea, and we thought this would be a perfect pre-launch video to give people an insight into what we’re trying to do with this campaign.

“Tynemouth legend knows of a group of coldwater-swimmers who brave the icy waters of the North Sea all year round, in ‘skins’.

“Our UnlikeNEwhere video campaign seeks to unearth and tell the stories of the people and places that make this region unique. The story of a group of people who embrace the calling of the rugged seas of the North East coastline was one that we felt an urge to capture and share.”

Neil and his team filmed with the group for over two years, ensuring they captured the ocean swims through all seasons to encapsulate what it’s like to swim in the North Sea all year round.

The film aims to immerse audiences in the water and demonstrate the region’s fighting spirit and sense of adventure.

“This region is one that boasts a rich blend of culture and heritage and through our video campaign ‘UnlikeNEwhere’, delivered in partnership with NewcastleGateshead Initiative, we look forward to inspiring, engaging and entertaining audiences,” continues Neil.

Meanwhile, Three Motion Media Commercial Director, Gavin Knights has confirmed that the latest film will kick-start a wave of new content, which will start to land on its soon-to-launch hub to be revealed at a high profile event in Newcastle.

He adds: “The guys are in the process of filming the first film of many. We were in the studio recording the voice-overs this week. All the people featured are real people, with a connection to the North East, and they all have a lovely story to tell.

“We’re picturing a launch event, where people and businesses from across the North East will be invited to be the first to see the launch UnlikeNEwhere film. There will be the opportunity for them to share their stories and have an input into the next one.

“After the launch, we will be releasing the full film on our UnlikeNEwhere website, which will be a hub for all the films. From there we will share shorts of the film to keep the conversation going online.

“Everyone can be involved in this campaign, from the general public to the business community. Businesses can use the footage to engage their online audiences, but most importantly it’s there to promote the region from every perspective.”

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