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What Creative Confidence Tips Can Yoda Teach Us?

New DU Member Make It Pop shares their top creative confidence tips from Yoda himself!

With all the cool and colourful cast of Star Wars, you’d be forgiven for not immediately associating Yoda with creative confidence tips. Between wild android behemoths and badass ruthless Siths, the delightful 900-year-old is not immediately the token figure of confidence.

Sometimes people don't understand you and that can be overwhelming, make sure to always articulate your point calmly.

But really, why wouldn’t Yoda be the top inspiration around? He’s lived for so long, as seen so many awful things – yet he sticks to his guns, stays bright and breezy, and is more than willing to crack a joke whenever he can – even if it’s at his trainee’s expense. Yoda is a stone cold badass in lime-green form, and there are unimaginable reasons that he should be your next inspiration in terms of creative confidence.

Be Yourself

Yoda – as cool as he is – is the complete opposite of what you’d expect from a Jedi master in terms of appearance. He’s tiny, he’s bright green, and he lives in a weird gross swamp.

Yoda... something something

Yet do we ever see Yoda feel self-conscious about himself? Heck nah. He even messes with Luke Skywalker when they first meet, pretending to be some crazy Dagobah inhabitant, instead of the legendary badass he in fact is.

In terms of creative confidence tips – if not outright confidence – Yoda is the absolute epitome. If your goal is to up your ability to believe in yourself against the odds, you couldn’t have a better role model than Yoda for sure.

Don’t be Afraid to Go Against the Norm

So, by the time Luke meets Yoda, he’s gone from being a well-respected Jedi, lounging around in society, to the space equivalent of a crazy old man who lives in the woods. The men responsible for this drastic change in Yoda’s life are living the high life, chilling in one of the nicest cities in the whole galaxy.

Honesty and empathy is a huge plus when giving creative confidence tips

But Yoda never even considers trying to change himself to get his cushy lifestyle back. Despite having to hang out in the metaphorical armpit of the universe, he remains self-assured about his choices. There is more chance of the Star Wars universe being secretly real than there is Yoda ever betraying what he thinks is right, and damn if that’s not admirable.

Spread the Wealth eg. These Creative Confidence Tips

Even better, Yoda’s not afraid to help others out when they need it. Luke is, for all intents and purposes, still a whiny farm boy when he meets his green mentor. But Yoda takes it in his stride – in fact, his greatest pride appears to be in helping Luke reach his potential.

Yoda giving Luke them Creative Confidence Tips via telepathy

Yoda’s goals are all about helping other people improve their lives, and if that isn’t a peak creative confidence reminder, then nothing else is. Learning to use your confidence to inspire and help others around you is as important for your growth as it is theirs. Plus, whenever anybody thanks you, you can say “don’t thank me – thank Yoda”, which is maybe the best sentence ever.

We hope these creative confidence tips will help you in becoming a creative badass. If you have any tips of your own, please let us know in the comments!

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