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Apple Music Hits 10m Subscribers

Apple Music has attracted over ten million paying users in seven months the Financial Times reported this week.

The would be Spotify slaying service launched at the end of June last year with a free three month trial, hitting 6.5m paying subscribers last October.

Although it’s an unfair comparison given that the streaming market in general is now booming, Spotify launched in 2008 and took six years to hit 10m paying subs, in 2014. Arguably, Spotify built the bridge that Apple is now rapidly crossing and has reportedly now hit over 25m paying users.

Industry analyst Mark Mulligan commented to the FT: “It’s good news that Apple is making streaming work but it is also going to accelerate the decline of downloads”, going on to predict that the growth rate meant that Apple had the “potential to be the leading music subscription service sometime in 2017”.

As reported, Apple snagged a significant exclusive with Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ tour concert film in December, alongside being the only streaming service to feature the star’s albums.

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