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Atomhawk launch Kickstarter for The Art of Atomhawk, Volume 3

Digital art and design studio Atomhawk have launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the design and production of a new art book, The Art of Atomhawk, Volume 3.

The book will feature concept art from some of Atomhawk’s most high-profile projects since the publication of The Art of Atomhawk Volume 2 four years ago, as well as previously unseen work from internal projects and personal art from the company’s world-class artists in Gateshead and Vancouver.

The book will also tie in with Atomhawk’s 10-year anniversary, including a celebration of the artwork, team members, clients and partners who have played a key role in taking Atomhawk from a small startup to a partner of choice for international entertainment brands such as Warner Brothers, Microsoft, Lego and Sony.

Atomhawk Managing Director, Tim Wilson, says: “In the four years since we published our last book, we’ve grown the Atomhawk team significantly, with a new studio in Canada and the expansion of our Gateshead studio, welcoming more incredibly talented artists and designers into our team.

As a result, we have a really diverse collection of outstanding new art and design to share, along with a great selection of tutorials, which we can’t wait to make into an inspiring and awesome looking third volume.”

Backers of the campaign can choose from rewards including a deluxe signed copy of the book, a limited-edition t-shirt, a portfolio review from a member of the art team and the chance to create a brief for an Atomhawk artist to paint an exclusive image for inclusion in the book.

Atomhawk previously ran a successful Kickstarter in 2015 to raise funds for The Art of Atomhawk Volume 2, raising £17,675 pounds from almost 400 backers. The book went on to sell over a hundred further copies, received excellent reviews from the gaming and concept art communities and was received with delight by Atomhawk’s clients and partners.

The Kickstarter campaign for the book runs from April 2nd for 30 days and can be found at

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