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Badalamenti Back for Twin Peaks

That gum that you like is going to come back in style after all, with the Twin Peaks reboot back on, David Lynch and Mark Frost at the directorial helm and Angelo Badalamenti set to score the soundtrack.

Badalamenti, whose music is now synonymous with Lynch’s dream like evocations of lost innocence and dread, will return to score the 18-episode third series of the show in 2016. The news was announced at a recent panel in Seattle featuring returning cast members Sherilyn Fenn (pictured) and Sheryl Lee as reported here on this Twin Peaks fan site that The Gen never spends any time on ever.

Badalamenti, who has also scored the likes of Lynch directed films Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive, won a Grammy in 1990 for the strangely meditative Twin Peaks theme which you can listen to here.

As reported here, the original soundtrack to the show and prequel feature length film ‘Fire Walk with me’ are both scheduled to be reissued by Death Waltz Recordings later this year.

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