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Band Aid 30 Reaches Out, Touches You

Bono may have fallen off his bike and Geldof been gagged by Sky News but despite such adversity, the underdogs have once again triumphed- Band Aid 30’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ Is the fastest-selling single of 2014 so far despite only being officially released on Monday (17th November) after launching on X-factor last weekend.

The single has already raised over £1m for the Ebola crisis in West Africa this week Chancellor George Osborne, taking a rare and arguably well deserved break from kicking the poor and needy, has agreed to waive VAT on the single’s sales, to focus proceeds on the charity effort, and digital outlets including iTunes are also understood to be waiving their fees.

According to the Official Charts Company, the single had already sold 206,000 copies on Tuesday. The track features the likes of Coldplay, Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora and Emeli Sande– though not Adele, who is possibly the only person this year to reportedly snub collaborations with both Phil Collins and Geldof.

Chief Executive of the Official Charts Company Martin Talbot said: “Everyone expected a strong start from Sir Bob Geldof and his team, but they have outperformed expectations with a truly exceptional first day’s sales which has put it on course to being a record setter once more in 2014”.

Which is slightly odd as it makes Geldof sound like a perky young A&R upstart as opposed to the man who has consistently convinced pop’s best and brightest (not forgetting Turin Brakes and Feeder in 2004- thank God it’s not them instead of you) to do their bit- the lure of Midge Ure persists!

Sir Bob Geldof added: “We are overwhelmed by the support that you have given us so far. What an amazing country this is. We’re all sitting here overwhelmed and speechless. Let’s keep leading the world on this. Let’s try and beat the record set by the first Band Aid”.

The 1984 original shifted approximately 200,000 copies in two days, while Band Aid 20’s 2004 release sold a total of 297,000 in its first week.

“Well tonight we’re reaching out and touching you”.

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