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Direct To Fan Platform Report

Direct-to-fan agency Wicksteed Works has launched their latest report comparing 17 direct-to-fan marketing platforms. The purpose of the report is to help music industry professionals including musicians, management and labels to decide which direct-to-fan platform is best suited to their needs and releases. Which all seems very sensible.

The digital report examines some of the most popular platforms including Bandcamp, Music Glue,PledgeMusic and Topspin and can be purchased here for £29.

It contains a comparison grid for easy reference and a series of profile summaries that describe and examine each platform through core criteria including fees, account management and e-commerce options.

For the first time, the source data will be made available as a companion document, enabling users to organise the information as they wish.

Alongside the report, Wicksteed Works is also offering one-to-one consultation, providing additional support and feedback to those seeking advice about their best fit platform, as well as ongoing strategic management.

Steve Mayall, Director of Music Ally, said, “This updated report continues to fill a huge gap in the collective industry’s knowledge and understanding of direct-to-fan platforms: there is nothing comparable out there which compares the platforms and brings together useful and concise information. Artists as well as their managers and labels should get a lot of mileage out of this”.

Download the full report here.

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