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Easy WIN for France

The French music industry has agreed to a new code of conduct, based on the Worldwide Independent Network’s (WIN) Fair Digital Deals Declaration, which was launched in 2014.

The voluntary agreement was signed on October 2nd in the presence of French Minister of Culture Fleur Pellerin. It brings together organisations representing French record companies, unions, recording artists, performers and music services, with the aim of them working together on ensuring clarity on revenue distribution and a fair value for music recordings.

Alison Wenham, chairman of WIN, said: “As I have said on many occasions throughout this process of implementing the Fair Digital Deals Declaration around the world over the last year, a healthy commercial relationship based on mutual trust and partnership between artists and labels is critical to the long term financial health of our industry. The French music industry has shown great vision in embracing this initiative and I applaud them for it. The constructive and fruitful discussions between artists and the industry mediated by Marc Schwartz and the office of Fleur Pellerin are a shining example for others to follow”.

To find out more about WIN’s Fair Digital Deals Declaration, go here (link to

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