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FAC & Youth Music: Gis a Gig

The Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) has announced a partnership with Youth Music.

The FAC will support the charity with marketing to raise the profile of campaigns such as its recent ‘Give A Gig’ fundraising initiative, in which promoters, artists and venues can put on shows and donate some or all of their profits to Youth Music. Those donations will assist the charity in bringing music making opportunities to children and young people living in challenging circumstances.

Youth Music Executive Director Matt Griffiths said: “We are very grateful to the FAC for backing our work, especially our new Give A Gig campaign. Many artists have shown their dedication to charitable giving in the past but few are aware they could direct these efforts to help create music-making opportunities for disadvantaged children. There is great potential in this partnership to benefit thousands of children and young people living in challenging circumstances”.

Supporters can also donate a proportion of proceeds of gigs previously organised as part of national or international tours. Find out more about ‘Give a Gig’ here.

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