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Game, Set and Match to Soundtracks

Official video game soundtracks are now big business, with one game publisher claiming that they are now as important as Hollywood film soundtracks.

Speaking with Music Week before the annual Game Music Connect conference in London, Electronic Arts’ Worldwide Executive of Music, Steve Schnur said: “Music is a critical component of the sensory experience and billion-dollar business that is modern gaming. It hasn’t always been that way. We – and by ‘we’ I mean game developers, music supervisors, composers, new artists, forward-thinking record labels and open-minded gamers worldwide – made this happen. It’s literally been a game-changing shift in the consciousness of entertainment”.

He continued: I’d always wanted video games to be seen as having the same influence and prominence of blockbuster movie soundtracks and scores, and I think we’re finally achieving that”.

This has been building for a number of years, as video games have increased in their production budgets and cultural impact- from game directors popping into Abbey Road to record orchestral soundtracks for blockbuster game releases such as Heavy Rain to Sir Paul McCartney collaborating on the score to recent release ‘Destiny’. The Gen asserts that even if listened to in isolation, it’s probably better than anything Wings ever did.

Syncs are also an increasingly important revenue stream for artists and a significant part of the mix in making a living as a musician in the digital age- something that our friends over at Sentric can help you with.

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