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Geldof: I Don’t Like Moandays

The shoe is on the other foot for Sir Bob Geldof, who is being sued by a former bandmate for co-ownership of the copyright in the 1979 Boomtown Rats song and huge hit ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’.

The band’s former keyboardist Johnnie Fingers, real name John Moylett is now claiming to have co-written the song, on which Geldof is currently listed as the sole writer.

Moylett seems to have suddenly recalled that he wrote “most of” the music and some of the lyrics for the song, which was famously inspired by a shooting incident at a Californian elementary school. When asked why she committed the crime, the sixteen-year old shooter replied “I don’t like Mondays”.

On the subject of why he waited more than 35 years to claim co-ownership of the song, Moylettsays that, at the time the record was released, Geldof made an “intimidating” phone call in which he said the keyboard player risked splitting up the band if he insisted on a co-write credit on the song but now Moylett is insisting that the star “give him his f**king money!”.

Responding to the lawsuit, Geldof commented that his former bandmate’s recollection of how the song was written, was “likely to be a figment of his imagination”. Moylett is pushing for two thirds of the copyright, which would likely be worth millions. A court date is yet to be set.

Fans of industry lawsuits should also note that Spinal Tap star Harry Shearer is suing Universalparent Vivendi for $125m for what he alleges is a deliberate under-payment of music royalties from the classic spoof rockumentary. Find out more over at MBW.

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