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Generator & Carillion Igloo

As Evolution Emerging edges closer (May 23rd) Generator has partnered with creative regeneration company Carillion Igloo to stimulate new growth and prosperity in the Ouseburn Valley area of Newcastle.

As previously reported, smaller music venues across the UK are facing unprecedented challenges as highlighted by the Music Venues Trust.

Whilst the debate rages on over the agent of change principle, Carillion Igloo are taking a different approach to development- putting themselves at the heart of music and culture in an area which is home to venues The Cluny and rehearsal spaces for musicians alongside a myriad of creative businesses and visitor attractions including Seven Stories, a City Farm and the Ouseburn Coffee Company.

The Malings’ is 76 home eco-friendly sustainable housing scheme spearheaded by Carillion Igloo in the Ouseburn Valley, with a showroom opening in May, around the same time as Evolution Emerging, which showcases emerging new talent from the region. Generator has plans to develop the event with outdoor stages in open spaces in the valley to complement the existing indoor venues.

Generator CEO, Jim Mawdsley, said: “We want to actively demonstrate that we have an ambition to make Evolution Emerging a trailblazing festival of new music in the North of England. Both partners have said they are dedicated to building the Ouseburn’s future profile and celebrating its unique features by unveiling and promoting new exciting projects”.

Mawdsley continued: “The recent resurgence of building projects, often in neglected areas, produces multiple economic benefits through the reanimation of city corners with thriving, creative business ecosystems. Together we will embrace the strong cultural offering synonymous with the area and will make things happen here.”

Director & Deputy Chief Executive of Igloo David Roberts added: “It was always our intention to create a development in keeping with the Ouseburn Valley that plays its part in the continuing revitalisation currently enjoyed by this area of the city. We need to be building homes for people who will thrive on the spirit of the valley and everything it has to offer.

He continued: “Igloo’s sister company, Creative Space Management, is behind the inspirational Toffee Factory, a building already packed with creativity. We have been active participants in the annual Ouseburn Festival and it is in this tradition of nurture and celebration that we are delighted to have formed a partnership with Generator to support its Evolution Emerging music festival.”

Evolution Emerging will take place on Saturday 23rd May, with headliners Hyde and Beast joined by first-class emerging artists including Lisbon and Shields

An expert industry panel has selected 40 bands and artists to play over 9 different locations across the Ouseburn Valley and tickets are selling quickly. Find out more here.

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