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Introducing Generator’s New Deputy CEO – Alice Fuller!

The team is growing! We are ecstatic to welcome Alice to our new position Deputy CEO

As you may have seen over the past 6 months – we’ve been dead busy! Generator has grown exponentially, within the scale of our partnerships with the likes of Warner UK and the Rio Ferdinand Foundation, the level of our activity and the team itself. As part of this growth, we have a new member of the team to help steer Generator in achieving our mission of building a sustainable music industry in the North East that ensures access for all.

Alice Fuller brings a whole host of experience within the development of arts and culture organisations, and will be working closely with our CEO Mick Ross and the wider team to take Generator to the next level. As a performer, Alice also has a whole host of knowledge of navigating both sides of the music industry as a jazz performer and an event coordinator/music manager. Find out more about Alice below, as well as her vision for the future of Generator in our Music Week article here


Tell us about your background and what led you to Generator

I grew up in London, where I studied jazz at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I worked across the industry in the UK and abroad as a musician but also in event coordination, music management and business development. I moved to Newcastle in 2015 and felt so at home I decided to stay.

Over the past eight years my work has centred around the development of arts & culture organisations; from outdoor arts to visual arts; music to arts-based education. My roles have varied from marcomms to operations, HR to logistics, and private to third sector.

Generator has been on my radar since I moved to the North East. Given that I share the same ambition for a sustainable and accessible music industry, it felt like the perfect time to join the team. I realise now how lucky I was in London to have all the pathways around me that I did, and I want to support the development of more opportunities in our region. With Generator, I look forward to advocating for the North East’s music industry, talent, innovative programmes, and supporting its growth and success.

What are you most looking forward to working on as our new deputy CEO?

I’m really looking forward to working with the Generator team. This organisation has an incredibly talented and dedicated group of people. Plus we have an impressive portfolio of programmes that I’m enthusiastic to see play out, such as the new initiative NExSW, and the development of our Music Industry Advisory Group which is going to be revolutionary.

The world of work has changed dramatically since the pandemic struck, what does being a leader look like post-pandemic and what should senior managers be considerate of when leading an organisation going forward?

In my opinion, the ability to foster an equitable and collaborative environment with fluid communication is paramount. Pre-COVID-19 the most important skill for me was communication. Since the pandemic that has become even more critical due to increased remote or flexible working.

Awareness is another aspect. When we talk about the generations before us there is often little understanding of mental health and balance, equity and equality, inclusivity and accessibility. If communication and awareness are flourishing then managers can support their teams better. My aim is to foster a safer and more productive workplace culture and ensure people feel seen, heard and valued.

Generator has a long history and has undergone a number of changes over the years, what does the next chapter for Generator look like for you?

The programmes we are set to deliver over the next three years are incredible. There is such a clear focus on our mission to create a sustainable music industry in the North East that is accessible to all, from plugging the technical skills gap in the sector, to creating a space for trans and non-binary music makers. We have even more exciting partnerships on the horizon that continue to feed into our vision; supporting the growth of our industry infrastructure in our region and beyond. Everyone has had a few tough years, and with the development of our cross-sector network, Generator Union, I’m positive this next chapter will bring even more people together.

How vital is creativity in business and how can it be harnessed throughout the North East’s business community for the greater good?

When businesses open themselves up to creativity it helps them to think, experiment, and better understand the world. The arts are an exceptionally powerful tool for engaging people emotionally, generating empathy and provoking fresh perspectives. This approach is one I would love to see more North East businesses adopting. Whatever the strategy you are working on, innovation is the implementation of ideas that originate from creative processes… So get creative.

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