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Kobalt Goes AWAL

Kobalt’s streaming label for independent artists, AWAL has launched a new app designed to give independent musicians instant insights into their streaming data.

Alongside being able to see how they are doing on the likes of Apple and Spotify, artist will be able to gain bespoke insights on streaming sources, including playlists or recommendations that are driving engagement and listening trends relating to factors such as gender, age and time. Push notifications will alert users when songs are added to new playlists, and revenue from all sources will be transparently displayed. If only everything related to royalties in the music industry was as transparent!

Founder and CEO of Kobalt Willard Ahdritz,  said: “What’s true today is that the opportunity for independent artists to make a living off streaming is growing. We want to speed that up. The first step is helping independent artists de-mystify their streaming data. Today’s artists need to understand the signals that drive future success and be able to act quickly. The AWAL App puts the power of data into the hands of independent artists to help them build a sustainable career from streaming”.

AWAL already has more than 20,000 global artists and labels signed up, with artists retaining 100% of rights and the service taking a share of revenue.

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