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Local Folk Musicians Merle Harbron and Holly Clarke launch kickstarter for new project Shillelagh Sessions

Local musicians look to raise funds to start a Youtube series that will combine live arts and fantasy RPG gaming

Folk musician and aspiring composer Merle Harbron is heading a new project called Shillelagh (shil-lay-lee) Sessions alongside Holly Clarke and a collective of musicians who love video games and game music! They are raising funds to start a Youtube series that will combine live arts and fantasy RPG gaming. They will be producing quality covers that will be released fortnightly on Youtube, providing support for professional musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, venues and sound engineers. They hope to put on a live performance after a year of Shillelagh Sessions in Newcastle, and who knows where it will go from there!

On the project, Holly and Merle stated

‘We are all very excited to bring you some wonderful game music covers with our unique folky twist.  As we are passionate about both music and gaming, we are keen to bring together these art forms and sectors of entertainment that will benefit not just our audience but artists and developers alike!’

If you’re interested to know more about the project, you can watch the full introductory video on Youtube here.

To donate to the kickstarter, click here 

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