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Maiden Voyage Puts Fans First

Iron Maiden (pictured) Manager Rod Smallwood has pledged his support to ‘Put Fans First’, a renewed secondary ticketing campaign headed up by Mike Weatherley MP and Sharon Hodgson MP.

The MPs are hitting back at the Government’s recent decision to reject amendments to the Consumer Rights Bill that would have resulted in more transparency around secondary ticketing sellers and marketplaces- the amendments were rejected by a vote of 289 MPs against to 204 in favour and this campaign is aiming to exert pressure in the build up to the general election.

Addressing fans of the heavy metal group, Smallwood said: “Your support is critical to demonstrate to this Government that the Public are fully behind us in this opposition to the current abuses. We would urge all UK Iron Maiden and Metal Fans to consider supporting this Bill and assist ideally by emailing your local MP or simply going on Facebook or Twitter, and rallying behind the cause – Put Fans First”.

Smallwood continued: “Contacting your MP is the most helpful and carries the most weight, but it would be terrific if you could not only do all three of the above but invite your friends to do so too. This may well be the best and only opportunity fans have to get some protection from the touts and more equality in getting tickets to major concerts and events”.

Comedian Stewart Lee has also expressed his support for the campaign and has published his views on the issue here.

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