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Mixmag Rocks Kerrang!

More movement in the music print media world (remember that?) this week, as Mixmag media reportedly completes a double acquisition of weekly rock magazine Kerrang! and The Face from Bauer Media.

The Face will be revived as a digital brand at some point in the future, but the initial focus is on Kerrang!, which seems set to shift to a monthly print schedule, with an increased focus on the magazine’s global digital presence.

Jerry Perkins, who runs Mixmag Media, told Campaign that “Mixmag and Kerrang! are quite similar – they’re ‘f*** it’ audiences. They like what they like and don’t care about what anyone else thinks”.

Perkins added: “Kerrang! is a trusted brand because of the years of passion, knowledge and profound enthusiasm that have gone into producing it, week in, week out. Under our ownershipKerrang! will take its rightful place at the heart of a global digital community of like-minded spirits. The platforms are there and, thanks to our recent experience with Mixmag, we know how to use them”.

Bauer Media will retain the rights in the UK and Europe to continue broadcasting Kerrang! Radio and Kerrang! TV.

It will be interesting to see how style magazine The Face is received in 2017 following closure in 2004 and the transition of Kerrang! from weekly to monthly certainly marks a major turning point for rock weeklies.

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