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Napster: The KIDS are Alright

Napster has this month proven that it is available for kid’s parties, with the launch of a streaming service for children.

Napster KIDS is now available to current Napster subscribers on Android, with iOS reportedly on the way.

Designed for children under 10 years old, the service will feature a curated collection of popular kids’ music, with the complete Napster catalogue available for parents to curate alongside nursery rhymes, lullabies, ‘party hits’ and songs from Cbeebies and Disney films. Oh, and ‘party hits’, presumably lots of them.

This all sounds terrifying but is also quite an interesting development- it’s not unlike Netflix distinguishing between adults and children within its accounts to shape viewing recommendations or the increasing number of boutique festivals designed with children and families in mind.

When enabled, Napster KIDS limits access to only specifically tailored content an content parents add for access, presumably not including ‘Straight Outta Compton’ or ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’.

EVP and General Manager for Napster Thorsten Schliesche said: “As the original streaming music service, we now have customers that have moved into a new chapter of their life and are hungry for a way to share music with their kids”.

He continued: “With Napster KIDS, we’re excited for parents to share their love of music with their young kids in a fun, safe and controlled environment”.

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