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Pandora: I Am The Fly

Pandora is finally making use of that $450m Ticketfly acquisition it made last year, rolling out new features in its app, including concert recommendations and reminders alongside easier access to tickets.

Now when shows are announced or tickets go on sale, users will be notified via push notifications on their phone and feed alerts in their Pandora app.

Live events will be recommended based on users’ listening profiles, with a concert digest email going out on a regular basis, with ‘Hardcore fans’ given special offers- a further demonstration that the future of integrating live with digital is personalised, curated and based on reward systems.

However, this current move is not exactly redefining the music experience, with increasing connections between streaming and ticketing, including Spotify’s ‘Concerts’ feature.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pandora Tim Westergren said: “Pandora is redefining the music experience, and that includes live events. There’s nothing like the magic of a live show, and there’s nothing worse than missing your favourite band because you didn’t know they were in town.Pandora and Ticketfly are solving that with personalised and effortless access to live, local events”.

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