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PPL Giving marks 90th birthday with £1m in funding

As PPL celebrated its 90th anniversary last week, it announced the launch of PPL Giving, an annual £1 million strategy to “give back to music”.

Within the programme, PPL seeks to fund initiatives which help promote equality of opportunity; facilitate the company’s reach into a wide range of musical genres; and which cover a broad geographic spread across the UK. These include organisations that are driving positive change across the music industry, such as through musical education, talent development, later career support and artist welfare.  


Mick Ross, Generator’s CEO said: “Generator has been dedicated to building a sustainable music industry in the North East for over thirty years. Our partnership with PPL enables us to provide essential education, skills, and knowledge to our region’s industry while ensuring access and opportunities for all. As the North East emerges as an international hub for music, arts, and culture, our collaboration with PPL creates tangible opportunities within the region, enabling talented individuals to thrive. By retaining local talent, we strengthen our community and contribute to the lasting success of our vibrant music scene.”

You can read the Music Week article in full here. 

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