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Print Works? Ticket Fees Axed

A German court has delivered a preliminary ruling that ‘Print your own’ ticket fees for events should be outlawed.

The ruling is a result of a case brought against Munich based ticketing firm CTS Eventim by consumer rights group Verbraucherzentrale NRW. Eventim charges 2.50 for every ticket printed at home but it is far from the only ticketing company to do so. In fact, it is more or less standard practice, at least for the larger companies, to slap the customer in the face with oblique charges at the point of sale.

Verbraucherzentrale NRW said that the ruling, although not yet legally binding could pave the way for similar action against six other ticketing companies that charge such fees, includingTicketmaster.

IQ reports that Eventim intend to appeal the “materially incorrect” ruling. Should a higher court uphold the judgment on appeal, the company may be required to reimburse customers for the charges, and in any event, it will set an interesting precedent.

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