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RAJARS: 6 is a Magic Number

Separating the stats from the static, the latest radio RAJAR figures are out again, with 6Music not only invading Tyneside this month but also nudging themselves over the two million listener mark during the last quarter of 2014.

6Music’s reach in this period was 2.08 million, up by 6.2% year-on-year and 4.5% from the previous quarter.

Elsewhere over at Auntie’s House, Radio One’s audience came in at 10.43m, a decrease of almost 5% (4.9% to be precise) on the previous year and 1.1% on the previous quarter. Radio One’s overall market share was also down from 6.9% to 6.6%- perhaps Head of Music at Radio One and 1Extra George Ergatoudis was indeed prescient about playlists on streaming sites.

Across the BBC network, reach was down 4% overall compared to Q4 13, with a 52.8% share. Commercial radio took a 44.3% share across this period, with the overall reach of radio dipping by 1.1% to 47,851,000.

In addition, Bauer’s Absolute network was up by 9.8% YoY in this quarter, with Global’s Heart reach jumped by 23.8% and Capital dipping by 4.5%. Digital listening increased by 6% to 37.9%, with the DAB platform now accounting for 25.2% of all listening.

Competing for the breakfast of champions, Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw’s reach increased 5.9m, up from 5.82m in Q3 14 but Chris Evans continued his dominance with a quarterly uplift in listeners from 9.3m to 9.59m despite an annual drop from 9.82m to 9.59m.

For a complete breakdown of the RAJAR figures, head here.

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