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Rough Trade Publishing Heist

Apologies for the headline, it is what we refer to as an open goal in Gen HQ.

Bank Robber Industries (BRI), the parent of New York based indie licensing company Bank Robber Music, has announced its acquisition of UK publishing company Rough Trade Publishing (RTP).

Lets talk shares- BRI has acquired 50% of RTP’s stock, with an option to purchase the remaining 50% in two years. RTP and House of Hassle Publishing, the publishing arm of BRI, will be merging operations and going forward worldwide under the name Rough Trade Publishing.

In addition, Rough Trade founder Geoff Travis and longtime business partner and current Rough Trade Records co-director Jeannette Lee will be joining the new venture as Senior Directors of UK A&R.

Travis said: “Jeannette and I are happy to join forces with good people whom share the same philosophy of creativity, humanity and fair business practices as music publishers. We hope to help Rough Trade Publishing become the destination home for the best songwriters”.

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