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State of Access Report

According to a new ‘State of Access’ report from music charity Attitude is Everything (AIE), the live music industry is missing out on up to £57m a year by not providing good quality access information online for disabled audiences.

Deaf and disabled people make up an estimated 15% of all UK live music attendees, but the report reveals that one in three live music events do not have the relevant access information available on their websites.

Fewer than one in five websites provided “good” access information and free personal assistant tickets were not offered by 15% of festivals and 28% of venues. Two in three of its mystery shoppers were unable to find the information they needed online and 60% were deterred from buying tickets as a result.

AIE is calling on the UK live sector to join its Access Starts Online campaign. Developed in partnership with the Association Of Independent Festivals and mirrored by Independent Venue Week, the initiative enables event organisers to add a comprehensive access information page to their website via templates.

Attitude is Everything Chief Executive Suzanne Bull MBE said: “Digital has revolutionised the live sector and how music lovers buy tickets, find information and share their experiences. However, as highlighted in the State of Access Report, a lack of decent online access information websites has become a constant source of frustration to millions of disabled fans. Evidence suggests that many will not risk attending an event if they are unsure about access facilities. We should not be letting these online failures hold back the tide of progress, especially when they are so easy to fix”.

Bull continued: “Signing up to Attitude is Everything’s Access Starts Online initiative is something all live music businesses can do. Not only does it cost nothing, but it represents a vital first step towards greater inclusivity and improved customer service that help these venues and festivals to reach new audiences. Working together, we can make the UK’s live music sector the most accessible in the world.”

To find out more and download the report, go here.

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