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UK Music Publish Manifesto

In advance of the general election in May, umbrella trade group UK Music has published an industry wide five-point manifesto, with the aim of ensuring that music doesn’t drop off the political agenda.

Targeting all political parties and policy makers, the manifesto identifies five priority areas for the next Government to prioritise in order to maintain music’s £3.8bn contribution to the economy.

These include maintaining a strong copyright framework, in addition to access to finance- in particular tax breaks that would put the industry on a level footing with sweet deals offered to other creative industries including film and gaming.

Support for music education and business skills investment is also highlighted, alongside the need for policy makers to recognise and support an “international growth strategy”- this includes working with EU partners to uphold free movement of labour in relation to touring and international collaborations.

The fifth and final point is where the live industry gets a look in of sorts with a call for the British Government to work with industry to identify technological solutions to the secondary ticketing market- which has again popped up elsewhere in the news this week.

UK Music CEO Jo Dipple said: “In what promises to be a busy year for us, we ask that whoever is elected and forms the next Government supports our agenda, this manifesto will help to crystallise and structure those asks. Following the General Election, the Government will have an in-tray that includes policies affecting this industry and our members, be it directly or indirectly”.

Dipple continued: “For that reason, it is important that UK Music conveys a clear message of our sector. Whatever the colour of that Government, our concerns should appeal to any business-minded administration”.

Find out more and read the manifesto here.

The Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) also published a manifesto this month calling for “a new, more collaborative relationship with creators and content owners to drive growth”, find out more here.

In related news, UK Music also this week announced the launch of Music Education Partnership (MAP)– a partnership with academic institutions across the UK aimed at strengthening links between the music industry and education to better prepare those seeking a career in the industry.

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