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CloseUp & Blood Recs Partner For Charity Vinyl ‘What’s Going On?’

CloseUp Promotions and Blood Records have this week partnered up for ‘What’s Going On?’, a charity vinyl compilation featuring previous tipped acts Gengahr, Sad Boys Club and The Night Cafe, and established outfits such as Peace and Little Comets.

The limited edition record (available to purchase here), featuring B-sides, demos, remixes & more from some of the UK’s most reputable indie/electronic artists, will raise funds for the Music Venue Trust’s ‘Save Our Venues’ campaign as well as musically-aligned, BAME-supporting mental health organisations via L;FE.

Detailing the release, the duo stated: “This is a cause dear to us, and to the artists, promoters, managers and agents that make Britain’s musical life so rich and vigorous. Closures will cause obvious immediate problems for individual members of staff, from venue managers, to sound techs, bar managers & more. They will also create a cultural void, remove opportunity and life from the grassroots up in towns across the UK, for years to come. We simply cannot sit back and allow this to happen. The incredibly generous acts on ‘What’s Going On?’ have worked and performed in these venues & will, we hope, continue to do so. We recognise the gravity of the situation, and so do they.

Mental health, especially at this time, cannot be ignored. As the events sector still lacks clear answers & timelines, all aforementioned members of the industry face continued uncertainty, including ourselves. L;FE is an outfit that gives to many mid-level mental health charities, essentially donating ideas & funding to the absolute front line of the battle against mental distress. Often music-related, and championed by George Godfrey @ Radio X, it’s a cause deserving of the utmost support. We’ll be donating to a BAME supporting charity for this, recognising our duty of allyship with the BLM movement.”


PEACE – From Under Liquid Glass (Live at Symphony Hall) FLYTE – Room With A View (Demo) whenyoung – Never Let Go (Video Blue Remix)
Little Comets – Lost Time (Demo)
Connie Constance – Gran Torino
Abbie Ozard – Clouds
Sad Boys Club – Murderwood
Gengahr – Broken Wings (Demo)
The Night Cafe – Thinking Of You
Jerry Williams – Jeane (The Smiths, Cover) Marsicans – Can I Stay Here Forever (Pt. 1)
JAWS – Untitled

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