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FEVA: An Exclusive Interview

Coming off the back of their set opening the main stage at This Is Tomorrow 2019, Guest Editor Maddy Fisher spoke to FEVA’s frontman Sam to talk about the bands musical influences, hurdles and hopes for the future.

Newcastle Indie Rockers FEVA have had a whirlwind of a career so far, after forming 2 years ago, they’ve gone on to release numerous singles including their most recent one ‘Undone’ and have played a wide selection of festivals, including This Is Tomorrow, Hit The North and Generator’s Evolution Emerging.

Frontman Sam describes their sound as “Changing at the moment. At the start, we were more indie and pop, but the newer stuff has definitely migrated over to a rock sound”.

Their influences include Pearl Jam, The Black Keys and contrastingly Soul Music – which is one of Sam’s favourites, FEVA provide us with an original rock sound. With strong melodies and hooks you’re not likely to forget, FEVA have burst into the music biz with a fresh and unique style.

The group formed in 2017 from two separate bands who each had members who walked away, but Sam credits the natural formation as they had all been friends for years and that none of them wanted to stop making music. Two years on, FEVA will be headlining at the Cluny 2 on the Saturday of Tipping Point Live.

The desire to advance into the music industry and take their passion professionally was a gradual process which naturally fell into place.

“It was never the plan, but it went a lot better than we thought. Now we’re doing it, we want to take it seriously.”

FEVA’s songwriting process isn’t a one-way street. Their music comes about in a number of different ways.

“I’ll write something acoustic, then add a melody then jam from there. Or sometimes we just jam and something will come out”.

Additionally, just using a voice recorder to capture what comes into their minds is what has led to some of FEVA’s tracks we can hear today. Their music writing process is a team effort, with Sam adding the final touches of the melody.


Like many artists, Sam expressed how their biggest hurdles over their career have been money and location.

“Tours are expensive, recordings are expensive – you’re constantly trying to find ways to afford it. It’s harder being in the North East, there’s more opportunities in London”.

But Sam likes to see the positive side of things. When it comes to location, he argues that the grass is often greener here in the north.

“The shows are so different – you have the home crowds and there’s something so rewarding about that”

But FEVA hasn’t let these hurdles stop them, and the passion you can hear in frontman Sam’s voice demonstrates just why this band are breaking out onto the scene.

When it comes to the future for FEVA, after just playing This Is Tomorrow, festivals are still on Sam’s mind.

“We want to be playing those big slots, we want to make music that people will sing back to us.

We want to be able to do it full time and not have to go to work, let’s see how it goes.”

You can catch FEVA at Tipping Point Live on Saturday 22ndJune at 10pm on Cluny 2 Stage. Want some of their recommendations on who else to see? The name on their mind is Bernard Butler.

Written by Maddy Fisher

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