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We’re back and we’re ready for a whole new year of spotlighting the biggest and best emerging acts from across the UK.

Next up we’ve got Andy Backhouse, DJ and presenter, heard on BBC 6 Music and BBC Music Introducing in London. Check out his new show on Amazing Radio (here) – Sundays fortnightly on 7pm, or listen back on Amazing Rewinds. Check out Andy’s tips below.




This seems a bit like selling coals to Newcastle. Jade Bird is no diamond-in-the-rough wild card to you, dear reader, but dare we say it, Jade might just be one to ‘do a Mumford’ and crack America. New single ‘Love Has All Been Done’ continues her band-in-the-room sound – a firm reminder of a real class act.



The critics are saying: the kind of big-band sound not seen in small venues since Arcade Fire, and that ain’t fake news. Through only two EPs to date, including new single ‘What It Is’, Liam Ramsden’s songwriting feels like a raw nerve of emotion.



Chomping at the bit for the debut album from Indoor Pets. Long-awaited is a great big whopping understatement. Formerly going by the name Get Inuit, they’re now recent signees with the indier-than-thou Wichita Recordings. (For the uninitiated, they’ve got form with The Cribs, Los Campesinos! and Bloc Party). Check out new single ‘Being Strange’, and watch out for that rainbow grenade of a chorus.



Liam Brown is a livewire onstage – witty quips and improve-ed soundbites from the man sound like samples cut from an afternoon on Cartoon Network. It might not work, if the tracks weren’t so damn catchy. When he first emailed his Manchester-based label Heist or Hit about this new bedroom project, waiting in their inbox was well over a hundred demos. From tracks like ‘Highschool’ and ‘Gymnasium’, to new single ‘Blossom’, Pizzagirl has ideas to burn.



Studying for his GCSEs, you can’t help but think Alfie Templeman must be the goldenboy on his Music Technology course – though he’s banned from submitting debut single ‘Like An Animal’ for his coursework. The video for said track features Alfie running around his village donning a lion costume to confused locals. He’s one to watch that one.

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