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Tomorrow night we’re heading down to Leeds for Marsicans/Dead Young Records’ ‘School Night’ with our own specially curated lineup including headliners A Festival, A Parade alongside The Boxing and NALA (tickets here).

We caught up with the guys behind it all Marsicans to find out more.

Afternoon chaps, how are things going?

Things are going great thanks. We’ve just entered writing mode post-tour so there’s lots of ideas flying round. It’s always a fun time.

Some of our readers might be a little unfamiliar with you guys (terrible I know!), would you like to tell them what you’re all about?

I’m James. I sing and play guitar in Marsicans. We’re all about having a fun time and enjoying what we do for as long as we can. Our live shows are energetic and we love meeting new people when we’re out and about.

Feels like I’ve just written Marsicans online dating profile! We’re also bubbly, love the outdoors and always up for a laugh. Call us.

Our newest signees A Festival, A Parade headline your ‘School Night’ at Leeds’ Oporto next week, what was your original idea behind the monthly showcase?

We basically wanted to meet more bands as well as put bands on that we liked and try to create a bit of a scene where we could have a bit of a social. Then we started working with guest curators who we’re friendly with and they started bringing in bands we’ve never heard of. Win win.

The Boxing are also on the bill, do you know those guys well?

We don’t know them well, but that’s kind of the way School Night has developed. Guest curators like your good selves are bringing bands they’re fans of that they know we’ll like. It’s a really nice way for us to get to see new bands in Leeds and give a platform in Leeds to bands from elsewhere, when our own schedule is pretty busy.

The Leeds music scene looks like it’s an excellent community to be part of right now, got any new tips for us to check out?

Leeds is great in the fact it’s got a very varied scene. Heir, The Golden Age of TV, and Night Owls are bands I’m keeping an eye on.

We’ll of course be heading along to your latest ‘School Night’, give us one good reason why everyone else should 100% join us?

Because we’ll be there DJ’ing, and it’s a sight to behold – whether that’s in a good way or a bad way, we’ll let you decide. (Hint: Bad.)

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