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We continue to shine the spotlight the biggest and best emerging acts from across the UK. Each Monday, we ask one of our esteemed tippers to select five of their hottest tips to be featured on the site throughout the week.

Next up we have Adam Reeve, the guy behind music tastemaker Sounds Good. Created with the intention to promote positivity and good music, it’s a blog that leaves negativity firmly at the door. Good music, good vibes, always. Read all about his top picks below.




The Penny Antics are a duo from my hometown of Essex who perform a self-confessed “Grunge on a Punk budget”. What this means is the brutal simplicity of Punk paired together with the melodic, chaotic nature of Grunge, making their short discography sound so powerful.



Another act to come from my hometown, Ocean Flaws are a four-piece who combine elements of Indie and Alt Rock together to create something that’s constantly shifting to meet the demands of the eardrums. Their new EP Cosmic Tropics is a wonderful collection of sun-kissed sounds paired with anthemic harmonies and melodies, determined to become your new earworm.



Signed on the glorious Clue Records, Avalanche Party are a band who needs no introduction. Their sound does the talking as it’s blend of punchy, distorted guitars collide with passionate vocals to produce something that immediately makes an impact. Ever wanted to feel like getting punched in the head by music? This is the band who will provide that haymaker.



Childcare are responsible for dropping one of my favourite EPs of the year, and it seems they’ve got that responsibility for a lot of people too. This quartet are not afraid to experiment and the result is a sound that shifts between ominous grooves and straight up dives into the strange to produce something that’s not heard all too often.



Offering up some of the freshest material around today, Foxgluvv has no problem illustrating her heartaches into her music. With blunt descriptions of not so nice times for herself, Foxgluvv does a wonderful job contrasting these heavy topics with instrumentals that sound straight from the 80’s, and just as joyous and care-free.

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