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We’re back and we’re ready for a whole new year of spotlighting the biggest and best emerging acts from across the UK.

Next up we’ve got Hayley Smith, artist Development and events manager at Pirate Studios who focuses on strategising and implementing ways in which the company can support artists today. Hayley is heavily involved in live streamed sessions, programming Pirate festival slots, developing new music industry opportunities (Pirate Prodigies talent program) and producing the video shoots across the UK. Check out her tips below!




As soon as I heard these guys at TGE 2018, I knew they were onto great things. Each track they write offers so much within it’s arrangement and sonics. They’re really onto something special with their synth-powered, dream-pop. I don’t go a day without listening to this band, and know that in a couple of years they’ll be filling stadiums.



A brand new band that is set to do great things. Their recent performance at Pirate Live was incredible, it just felt completely free and ritual-esque. Their music fuses shoe-gazey guitar tones and proggy drum beats and ill-lit vocal melodies.



Lucia gives you everything you need to feel musically nourished, and satisfied. It’s so refreshing to see a Scottish alt-rock band smashing it. Check out their latest EP “Cheap Talk”-  every track is absolute banger! They’ve perfected the nosey pop/rock sound, and topped it off with hooky, anthemic vocals. Their chemistry on stage and off stage is so encouraging for other emerging bands out there, and front woman (Lucia) is doing all the ladies in music out there extremely proud!



Story telling genius is happening with YOWL. They have the knack of covering topics that reach out to disillusioned youths of today. My favourite tracks are ‘Saturday Drag’ and ‘As The Sleep Sets In’. Both songs deliver intense narratives supported with twangy guitars, haunting lead vocals, and raw drum beat patterns. For fans that Parquet Courts, Bodega and for those who generally have a great taste in music, Yowl are for you.



This guy is an absolute legend on stage and off. When I first stumbled upon his music last year, I was blown away by the songwriting standard and production. I haven’t felt that excited for a long time, and I remember I messaged Henry (Joy Anonymous/Count Counsellor) straight away to say how much I loved his music.

Based in London, this guy is a music making machine, creating sounds 24/7 to reinvent garage, disco and soul like you’ve never heard it before. I know that 2019 will be a big year for this act based on response from his latest release – ‘Celine’ and the recent music sync success with landing his music on FIFA 2019.

Joy Anonymous is a new venture for formerly known Count Counsellor, and it will bring you complete joy.

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