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We continue to shine a spotlight on the biggest and best emerging acts from across the UK. Each Monday, we ask one of our esteemed tippers to select five of their hottest tips to be featured on the site throughout the week.

Next up we have Jessie Atkinson, a music journalist with words in Gigwise, Clash, Dork and Rollacoaster magazine. She is Marketing Executive and Publicist for Second Screen (who make apps for some of the UK’s biggest festivals), and the woman behind the Gigwise social media. Having previously worked at Flying Vinyl, she will soon be giving her voice to a brand new podcast (ears to the ground!) Delve into Jessie’s tips below.




On new Dan Carey-produced, Speedy Wunderground-released tune The Dial, Squid wanna check my levels and I’ll happily put my arms out for ’em. Some bits are Pixies-esque, others are more experimental, and still others are Kraut Rock 101. As one, I guess you’d call it Post-Punk. Or I would. Anyway, it’s propa mint like.

I’m determined to ruin things for myself by administering them via IV drip. Food. Boyfriends. ‘Live Your Life Without Me’ by Latenight Honeymoon. Been carelessly double-tapping this one onto +1 on Spotify for a week or two now, letting its big spangly electric sounds and ecstatic chorus run into my veins with absolutely no consideration for the consequences. Come: follow me into oblivion.

Menacing, bullying rock with come-to-bed eyes. This duo do breathless, stalking verses and anthemic chorus crescendos, and they don’t let ‘heavy’ become ‘muddy’, ever. If their music was a person, it’d definitely be into choking, which can never be a bad thing.

It’s hard not to bliss out to these slow R’n’B croons. Jess Smyth writes songs that’d hold your hair back as you puke…but probably supplied you with the intoxicants that got you there. Slick, soulful, yet somehow messy and rotten under the surface.

Does dreamy, vintage-soaked songs that are a bit R’n’B, a bit jazz, and a whole lot lovesick. Puma Blue (Jacob Allen) produces them in his bedroom, and they’ve got that vibe under their skin; smoke a cigarette out the window and look at the moon about it.

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