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This week we continue our latest feature on the Tipping Point, spotlighting the biggest and best emerging acts from across the UK. Each Monday, we ask one of our esteemed tippers to select five of their hottest tips to be featured on the site throughout the week.

Next up we’ve got Kasia Osowiecka, editor of Hype Machine tastemaker GIG GOER. Take a look through her tips below!




The solo project of Dan Bartlett is a quintessence of alt-pop at its finest. Following his time spent working with other artists, writers and producers, such as Salen, Punctual, Delilah Montagu, Zilo, Feder, Dan has finally stepped out of the shadows with his debut EP, ‘BETTERMAN’.

Impressing with a great dose of pop sensibility and an upbeat melodic zest, the title track ‘BETTERMAN’ finds Dan in control of the tempo changes and fluctuating production styles. With a muted backbeat and raw vocals guiding us through, the track flourishes into a harmony of crisp textures, sparkling electronics and tangible beat-driven instrumentals. It is a delightful alt-pop gem that shows Dan’s fresh take on songwriting. Written, produced and performed in full by Dan, his music alongside his unique charisma surely cement Dan D’Lion’s position as one of the most exciting and multi-talented artists in the current musical landscape.



Inspired by older cinema and vintage visual aesthetics, South London outfit Balcony oscillate somewhere between modern times and the past era, wrapping up their sound in a nostalgic ethereal daze.

The band have recently released a hypnotic R&B-infused new cut, ‘Slow Down’, but to be fair, I can’t get enough of their previous single ‘Parking Lots’. Celebrating the memories of youth, it will clutch you in its sun-kissed nostalgia-tinged embrace. The sudden gaiety of youthfulness lies at the core of the track, creating an aura of carefreeness and playfulness. With its warm vocals, euphoric synths and infectious beats effortlessly aligning together, we are being taken on a journey through the myriad of jovial moments. ‘Parking Lots’ channels a breezy feel, and you will be left wanting to stay in this impalpable airy haze forever.

Reminiscent of the old days, the visual accompaniment is composed of a retro footage which complements the sentimental hooks of the track perfectly, adding in to the light-hearted aesthetics. Check it out below and get ready to fall in love with Balcony.



Following the release of their 2018 debut EP, ‘As I Take A Breath…’, Essex alternatives Sun Arcana have dropped massive new track ‘Let Me Down (Ventilate)’, which further cements their profound taste and outstanding songwriting maturity.

With a melodic sensibility and intense passion embedded in its core, the track packs a punch with its crushing riffs and powerful vibrato vocals of Tom Harper-Ward. Addressing a topic about the end of a relationship, the introspective lyricism adds a more refined quality to the band’s sound. Oozing with ambition and determination, ‘Let Me Down (Ventilate)’ certainly shows a progressive pattern in Sun Arcana’s ever-evolving sonics and I can’t wait to see, and hear, what they offer us next.



Rising London-based producer and songwriter MAX RAD has returned with yet another stunner, ‘Flesh & Blood’, which shows a more sentimental side to his expansive sound.

Reminiscing about the past and confronting the overpowering weight of grief, ‘Flesh & Blood’ is a slow-burner that brings MAX RAD’s sleek production skills to the forefront. With his soulful croon glistening on top of the multi-layered textures, it creates a brooding feel of falling into the atmospheric sonic depths. Surely, the song is more personal and thematically heavier than his previous singles ‘Carousel’ and ‘Rumours’, yet the subtle electronics make it seem like a daydream.



Following their last year’s debut EP, ‘Between Days’, Leeds trio Far Caspian have released a shimmering dream-pop marvel, ‘Conversations’.

Incorporating 80s-inspired elements to their progressive sound, Far Caspian explore a brighter side that life has to offer on their new track. Packed with upbeat sentimental vibes and a breezy FM-radio quality, ‘Conversations’ finds the band stroll away from their signature melancholy-tinged tones. With a penchant for lo-fi bedroom pop, Far Caspian continue to charm listeners, adding more vibrancy in to their sonic dynamics.

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