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This week we continue our latest feature on the Tipping Point, spotlighting the biggest and best emerging acts from across the UK. Each Monday, we ask one of our esteemed tippers to select five of their hottest tips to be featured on the site throughout the week.

Today we introduce freelance journalist Kelly Scanlon, writer for publications including The Line Of Best Fit and When The Horn Blows. Check out Kelly’s full tips list below!



First on the list is alt-pop formation Sundara Karma, who first burst onto the indie music scene with a number of hit singles, including ‘Flame’, ‘She Said’, and ‘Explore’. They’ve been somewhat off the radar until recently, however, due to frontman Oscar Pollock’s desires to take a mini break. They returned recently though with upbeat anthem ‘Kill Me’ – and what a comeback! If this band wasn’t already on your radar, it needs to be!



There’s no stopping this explosive collective at this point. Formed by musician and general lyrical genius Ren a number of years ago, the band began its journey by busking on the streets of Brighton. They’ve got to where they are now just on pure talent!I actually went to see their first official live show last year, and it was a really special experience. They also just announced a 2021 tour, and have already sold thousands of tickets – all without a booking agent. Seriously; go and check out this absolute powerhouse of a band.



The vocal ability of lead-singer Mike Halls is something to behold, and ‘Vitamin C’ is just one of those songs that immediately grabs you. Everything that this band does is incredibly addictive. I think I have at least one of their songs on all of my playlists! Other recommendations include ‘Brother Of Mine’, ‘Felt’ and ‘Emily’.



The Magic Gang is one of the indie scene’s most hotly tipped emerging acts over the past couple of years, and it’s difficult to come across anyone in the space that isn’t familiar with the huge hit ‘How Can I Compete’. If you’re looking for some catchy tunes and great lyricism, hit up their latest album Death of the Party.



This Liverpool-formed four piece band has built a reputable foundation in recent years. There’s just something about them that really sticks, every song has an equal balance of gritty, indie sensibilities but with delicacy and charm. And that’s not easy to achieve!

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