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We continue to shine the spotlight the biggest and best emerging acts from across the UK. Each Monday, we ask one of our esteemed tippers to select five of their hottest tips to be featured on the site throughout the week.

Next up we have Steve Willcox, staff writer and gig photographer at Little Indie. Discover some of the best new artists and bands around right now with Steve’s tips below.




This Brighton band have been on my radar for a few years now and have a great selection of songs that are catchy and something you could dance too. The past year has seen some major changes in the band, with two members joining, bringing in an extra guitarist and keyboardist to make their music even more catchy. ‘Your Ghost’ and ‘Things Happen’ are the new bag that this band is all about and with them recently finishing off a tour which included an appearance at SXSW in Texas, Liverpool Sound City and The Great Escape, things are rapidly moving in the right direction. They have recently been in the studio recording some live versions of their songs recorded by Jake Evans, Bernard Sumner’s (New Order) co-writing partner from Bad Lieutenant.



Saw these Cardiff boys supporting Trampolene last month and was amazed by the way they held the audience in the palm of their hand, making them dance and move about the venue. It’s indie garage, done in the right way and with two members sharing the vocals; it makes this band sparkle and brings it longevity, as you’re never going to be bored as they both bring distinctive vocals to the table. They also have great stage presence especially when Joseph Williams stares into the void and often comes onto the venue floor and struts amongst the audience. Going to SXSW this year showcased their sound to our American cousins, and hopefully it’s pulled in some industry types from other side of the pond to expand their base.



Can’t really say too much about the Essex band Asylums that hasn’t been said before, apart from the fact they have an energy like no other band I’ve witnessed before; from one song to another this band puts blood, sweat and jellied  eels into rock and roll. If it was stamped on a tin then DIY indie-punk would be its branding, but with a second album ‘Alien Human Emotion’ out on July 6th and song ‘Milennials’ being played on both Radio X and Radio 1, this band are on the verge of breaking out of the conventional mould.



Brothers Nick and Lee Meldrum bring fresh air to the stagnant waters of Brighton’s rock scene. Teetering at times to a more heavy vibe for me, but at their core they have released some really good music with punk attitude, the kind you can easily mosh too and get caught up in the maelstrom of their fans antics. They’ve just released a brand new video ‘Marco’ to raise awareness for mental health and gun control, as well as planning a European tour later in the year, along with a number of summer festivals before getting back in the studio to work on three new songs. Times are a changing for the SONS…



My city of Brighton has lots to offer from seedy bars to high end cocktail bars but nothing contains the essence of it as perhaps Of Empires sum up. Mostly dressed in hip ’50s style outfits, this quartet have showmanship at its base, with vocalist Jack Fletcher using every ounce of sex appeal to get his fans hooked into the music, which to be fair is instantly contagious. I like the way they combine the blues with indie rock, but lately they have started to branch out into a less regimented sound which will hopefully draw in more listeners. Playing live always makes for an entertaining show and I’ve seen them about ten times and still not bored. I once compared these guys to a bunch of strutting peacocks but not in an insulting way, but to give a mental thought of their stage personas.

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